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The RECCo Board, supported by expert advisors, will run a competitive procurement process to secure Code Manager services to enable the delivery of the REC objectives and the management of RECCo. It is expected that tender documents will be published in Q4, 2019 with a view to awarding contracts in Q2,2020.

Nominations for REC Code Manager Services Procurement Evaluation Panel

The Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo) will shortly commence the procurement of Code Manager services which are required to support the mobilisation and operation of the Retail Energy Code (REC). The procurements will run from December 2019, when tender documentation is issued, through to contract award in Q2 2020.

Evaluation is a critically important stage of any procurement: it requires commitment, subject matter / industry expertise, and the ability to analyse and score bids in a fair, open, and honest manner. RECCo is looking for nominations from individuals at REC Parties to join the Procurement Evaluation Panel (PEP), which is likely to comprise of approximately five people (three from REC Parties).

It is estimated that PEP Members will need to commit around 17.5 days of resource from February – June 2020. Members will be fully briefed and supported by an independent Panel Chair and the RECCo Procurement Team.

More detailed information is available here.

To register interest in the PEP please email with a brief summary of relevant skills and experience no later than 22 November 2019.

Market Engagement – Potential Service Providers

The Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo) will shortly commence a procurement process to deliver a range of services required for the new Retail Energy Code (REC). Energy Codes are the industry ‘rule books’ which govern the industry, and to operate the REC, RECCo will require the following functions: a) Performance Assurance, b) Professional Services, and c) Technical Services.

RECCo hosted a ‘Market Engagement Day’ on 11 September to share its current thinking about the procurement approach with potential service providers. The full prospectus from that event is published here along with a set of ‘Questions and Answers’ recorded at the session.

Following the ‘Market Engagement Day’ RECCo hosted a series of bilateral meetings with potential service providers. A consolidated summary of Questions and Answers from those meetings is also published here, Bilateral Q&A..

Should you wish to register an interest in the procurement to understand more, please contact

Code Manager Services

The RECCo Board has developed an overview of the methodology and service areas proposed for the Code Manager services to be procured against. It does not intend to be prescriptive in determining how each service area is being delivered but proposes to set out a methodology for each service area that will enable potential service providers to offer flexible, innovative and best in class services. Service providers will be expected to do this by:

  • delivering the REC strategy on behalf of the RECCo Board;
  • focusing on quality-based deliverables and outcomes;
  • ensuring a consumer centric approach to code development;
  • prioritising and driving change which supports the overall REC strategy and code objectives;
  • removing barriers to change and market development;
  • delivering innovation and continuous service improvement across all service functions;
  • developing and implementing a digitisation and digitalisation strategy;
  • proactively and innovatively engaging with stakeholder engagement; and
  • effectively managing RECCo service providers to ensure best value is achieved.

The RECCo Board has identified key ‘Code Manager’ services, to which the principles and methodology set out above will be applied:

  • Performance Assurance and Compliance Monitoring;
  • Party Management, Market Entry and Exit;
  • Code Change Management;
  • Design Authority;
  • RECCo support;
  • Stakeholder Engagement;
  • Service Provider Management;
  • Digitisation and Digitalisation;
  • Innovation; and
  • Cross Code Collaboration.

These items are currently subject to consultation by Ofgem.

A more detailed description of the Code Manager services requirements and an associated procurement plan are being further developed by the RECCo Board and will be made available here when published.

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