The Code Manager, plans and manages the delivery of the REC ensuring that the objectives of the REC are met.

Code Manager

The Code Manager role is wide, varied and empowered and is delivered in three parts by three providers acting as ‘One Code Manager’. 

  • REC Performance Assurance (RPA) leads on the management of the Performance Assurance regime including running the Performance Assurance Board and managing parties’ entry and exit to the REC.  
  • REC Professional Services (RPS) is responsible for Stakeholder Management including running the Change Management Process and providing support to REC parties via the Operational Account Manager service. 
  • REC Technical Services (RTS) leads on maintenance of REC technical documentation, the EMAR and providing technical support. 
Code Manager

REC Podcast: REC Manager: Information for MEMs

This week we hear from Glenn Sheern and Eve Marriner who discussed some of the topics concerning Metering under the REC.

Code Manager

REC User Group – Meeting Three Material

In response to positive feedback, the Code Manager has opened the REC User Group to a wider audience.

Appointment of REC Code Manager

In December 2019 RECCo launched project to appoint the REC Code Manager. The Board took an innovative approach to the procurement of the REC Code Manager, adopting a ‘best in market’ approach for each of the main activities shown below to ensure that it appointed service providers best placed to support RECCo in delivery of its vision and objectives.

REC Performance Assurance

  • Design, implement and manage the Performance Assurance Framework
  • Operation of Performance Assurance Board
  • Entry Assessment and Qualification
  • Assure REC Parties, REC Processes and Service Providers

REC Professional Services

  • Provision of REC Portal and Service Desk – primary point of contact Framework
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Operational Account Management
  • Change Management
  • Operational Process Delivery
  • Education and Training

REC Technical Service

  • REC Digitalisation Strategy
  • Technical Design Authority – maintain integrity of REC technical documents and products
  • Technical assurance – impact assessments and implementation
  • Data Management – EMAR and technical interfaces

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