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Inside RECCo, Issue 13

Welcome to Issue 13 of ‘Inside RECCo’. In this newsletter, we update you on RECCo team’s progress and key activities over the past month including our ‘on track’ status for the upcoming switching programme implementation.

Inside RECCo, Issue 12

This month’s newsletter provides stakeholders with an update on our progress in delivering the RECCo Strategy and Forward Work Plan, published in April.

Inside RECCo, Issue 11

Welcome to Issue 11 of ‘Inside RECCo’. The 2022/23 financial year has commenced alongside RECCo’s Strategy and Forward Work Plan for 2022-25.

Inside RECCo, Issue 10

Welcome to Issue 10 of ‘Inside RECCo’. It’s been a little over a year since our CEO, Sid Cox joined the team at RECCo.

Inside RECCo, Issue 9

Welcome to Issue 9 of ‘Inside RECCo’. 2022 is a year of significant development for the REC and we are already making good progress.

Inside RECCo, Issue 8

Welcome to Issue 8 of ‘Inside RECCo’. The new year has found the team refreshed and ready to face all that 2022 may bring!

Inside RECCo, Issue 7

Welcome to the December edition of Inside RECCo. As we approach the end of 2021, it’s important to reflect on the past year.

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