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RECCo are still looking for representatives to join a small group of industry experts to provide informal advice to the MHHS project team on potential programme design gaps and issues. This is an informal working group that can support the project team with feedback on design issues and solution options to address these. The group won’t be expected to make any formal decisions and will act in an advisory capacity only.

Specifically, RECCo are looking for representatives from Electricity Suppliers, Distribution Network Operators (including IDNOs) and Metering Equipment Managers (MEMs) with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Registration and Switching
  • Agent Appointment/De-appointment
  • Metering Operations
  • Resolution of Consumer Facing Switching and Billing Issues (Erroneous Switches, Switch Meter Readings)
  • Industry Data Management (Switching Data Management and Metering/Settlement Data Management)

If you would be interested in being part of this group and contributing to RECCo’s MHHS project, please contact by 12 August 2022 with a brief description of your relevant experience and expertise.
Please note that while all nominations received are appreciated, not all will be accepted depending on the volume of nominations and the breadth/depth of expertise from nominees.

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