A team of experts here for you

A team of experts here for you

We’ve brought together a skilled team comprising of respected professionals from the energy industry. Our team are passionate about improvement, innovation and ensuring outstanding service. Below you can meet our board and executives.

Our Board

Chris is a published author and expert on the energy sector, climate change, and stakeholder engagement.  He has led teams in major international companies and academia and served as a specialist advisor to several national and international companies.

Chris has published many papers, and has been a speaker at seminars and conferences, and facilitated workshops on energy and the environment.  He is the author of two books: Strategic Stakeholder Engagement and Who needs Nuclear Power.  He is also the founder and Director of Opportuneo Ltd.

Chris Anastasi Chairman

Roshan has spent his entire career in data and technology. Focused on strategy, design and delivery across data and analytics, he has built and led teams through significant transformation and regulatory initiatives across UK and Europe. Roshan is currently Group Director of Strategy at Sky Data.  Prior to Sky he was Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Lloyds Banking Group.

Roshan Awatar Non Executive Director

Helen has over 20 years experience working in the utility sector in consumer advocacy. Her wide-ranging experience includes policy, regulation, stakeholder engagement, customer research and strategy and provision for vulnerable consumers.

Alongside this, she brings the experience of working in the charity sector. Since August 2019, Helen has been Chair of the British Gas Energy Trust, an independent charitable trust funded solely by donations from British Gas that contribute to poverty relief, focusing on fuel poverty. In June 2022, Helen was appointed as chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, a statutory advisory panel to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Helen Charlton Non Executive Director

Isabelle studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering and joined National Grid in 1991. She held various engineering roles including being the first female power system engineer in the Birmingham Grid Control before moving to more commercial roles.

In 2006 she managed her first business change project and has led numerous transformational change programmes including an agile business change programme for Gas Transmission. Isabelle was head of the Gas Operational field force during Covid and latterly has been the head of National Control for the Electricity System Operator. Throughout her career Isabelle worked to understand how she could help people to have a better experience in the work place and has run a number of successful initiatives including extensive support in STEM and Women in Engineering. She is now working as an Energy Consultant & Executive Coach.

Isabelle Haigh Non Executive Director

Paul is an energy industry expert, having worked for many years at Centric and within the energy supplier side of the market.  This inlcudes roles across strategy, commercial and regulation alongside a solid background in energy procurement and hedging.

Paul is also a Non-Executive Director for Manchester Energy Network HoldCo and a Director at Sustainable Energy 24 Ltd.

Paul Hallas Non Executive Director

Rosa has over 15 years of experience in energy, including strategy, business development, policy, consulting and professional services. She is an Energy Transformation Specialist at the global management and engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald. Rosa is the RECCO Board lead for policy, regulation and Net Zero related matters. 

Her previous career includes the UK Government department for energy and climate change, energy supplier SSE (part of OVO Group) and the global law firm Clifford Chance. Rosa is also a Non-Executive Director at the Conservative Environment Network.  

Rosa Rotko Non Executive Director

David has over 20 years of experience working in Commercial and Procurement roles in the UK and globally across transport, retail and utility sectors. He has worked with organisations to build the capability and delivery of their teams in industries where customers are central, and high performing suppliers and supply chains critical to successful delivery. David is currently Director of Commercial and Procurement at Thames Water and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

David is also a Board Member/ Treasurer at the Thames Estuary Partnership


David Wylie Non Executive Director

Board Committees

Board Committees play an important role in the governance of RECCo. They have evolved since the organisation was created in February 2019 with an Executive Board comprising an Independent Chair and six Designate-Directors from the Parties; a transition to an independent Board of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) was completed at ‘go-live’ in September 2021, as required by the REC.

The organisation has grown and matured further since ‘go-live’ and its governance is now supported by six Committees.

Helps define governance policies, oversees Board effectiveness and succession planning.

Manages the appointment process for new Board Directors, the CEO, and the Executive Team.

Supports the Board in fulfilling its legal and fiduciary obligations in auditing, reporting, and internal company functions.

Assists the Board in determining the organisation’s remuneration policy and maintain an effective working relationship with the Executive Team and Human Resources.
Plays an important role in identifying, mitigating, and managing risks.
Plays a critical role in promoting ethical behaviour, transparency, and accountability.
Members are appointed onto Committees, drawing on their knowledge and experience and their roles and responsibilities beyond RECCo. Our committee membership as of 1st May 2024.
Finance and Audit
Paul Hallas Image 768px x 768px
Paul Hallas

Each Director has also been nominated as Board ‘lead’ on key aspects of the RECCo mission:

We will facilitate the efficient and effective running of the retail energy market, including its systems and processes. We’ll do this through promoting innovation, competition and delivering positive consumer outcomes.

There are, then, Board ‘leads’ to address issues related to our stakeholders in industry (suppliers and networks) and consumers; there are also ‘leads’ on key issues for the retail energy market such as innovations in data and digital, and policy initiatives related to the net-zero agenda. Procurement of key services is fundamental to the way in which RECCo operates and there is a Board ‘lead’ to provide advice on best practice in this important area.

We asked our five non-executive directors what interested them in joining our Board and the role RECCo plays in the future energy market transition.

Our Exec Team

Sid has extensive commercial, financial and change management experience from his 30 year career in energy with Shell, Enron, EDF Energy and now RECCo. At EDF Energy, he was a director of EDF Energy Customers plc where he led the commercial customers’ side of the business.  

Sid's role is to lead and develop RECCo's Executive team to meet the company's strategic objectives.

Sid Cox Chief Executive Officer

Rachael has worked within industry code governance for over 13 years. Before joining RECCo, Rachael worked for a medium supplier responsible for overseeing industry codes and market reform programmes and was on the RECCo Board as a representative for small and medium suppliers.

Rachael is responsible for all stakeholder, employee and organisational matters.

Rachael Anderson Director of Corporate Affairs

Pete is a digital leader with a passion for energy. With over 14 years’ experience across retail, energy trading and power generation, Pete has delivered change through digital platforms and programmes internationally for stakeholders.   

Pete is responsible for overseeing the delivery of our programmes, delivery of our data and digitalisation strategy and organisational IT matters.

Pete Davies Director of Data, Technology and Transformation

Jon has over 20 years’ experience of energy policy and regulation though a number of roles at Ofgem, including several years as Head of Industry Codes and Licensing.  

Jon is responsible for managing our strategy, policy and regulatory compliance.

Jon Dixon Director of Development and Strategy

Elizabeth is a seasoned professional in the retail and independent energy sector, possessing over 20 years of expertise in the conception, development, implementation, mobilisation, and operation of multi-party governance frameworks and industry codes. She played a pivotal role in the inception of RECCo, where she undertook the design, procurement and implementation of REC Code Manager services. Her responsibilities extended to successfully transitioning SPAA and MRA arrangements through the Retail Code Consolidation process, as well as implementing Faster Switching Arrangements within the REC.

In her capacity as Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth oversees the management of REC services provided to REC parties and various stakeholders.

Elizabeth Lawlor Chief Operating Officer

Brian has 30 years of experience working in industry and commerce. Following an initial career in the retail sector, Brian qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1992 across several disciplines, including audit, taxation and forensic accounting. Brian was also involved in several rail franchises. In 1999, Brian joined the energy industry and since then has been involved in the formation and establishment, as well as transformation, of companies to a fully operational basis.

He is a strategic and tactical thinker with extensive experience developing and delivering strategic and cultural change. As a strong commercial negotiator, Brian is stakeholder and commercially focused.

Brian is responsible for all RECCo’s corporate governance, commercial and financial matters.

Brian O'Shea Chief Finance and Commercial Officer

Corporate & Financials

2024/2027 Strategy & Forward Work Plan

2024/2027 Strategy & Forward Work Plan

2024-25 Budget

Modern Slavery Statement

2023/2026 Strategy & Forward Work Plan

2023/2026 Strategy & Forward Work Plan

2022 Financial Statements

2022/2025 Strategy & Forward Work Plan

RECCo 2024 Procurement Notice

We are open and transparent, sharing financial and corporate management information where possible with our stakeholders.

Find the latest information about our forward work plan, financial statements, budgets, and the REC charging statement.

Why join us?


We proactively try to make incremental and transformational innovations in the way we deliver services and REC requirements.


We ensure that services are provided seamlessly and seek opportunities to add value through partnership with external organisations.


We ensure that Retail Energy Code services and wider arrangements are high-quality and offer value for money.

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