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We are the


We’re at the start of something exciting.
Simplifying, raising standards and facilitating innovation in the retail energy market.


We are an independent, proactive, and forward-looking non-profit company set up to simplify, improve, and facilitate innovation in the Retail Energy Market. Through leading on change to the Retail Energy Code, we will promote positive outcomes for consumers whilst making the market work more efficiently and effectively for our stakeholders.   

The REC represents a step-change for the industry with a mission to elevate customer outcomes through promoting innovation and competition. Our operating model provides an opportunity to create a new standard for code governance to transform the nature of decision-making in the energy sector. It will put consumer outcomes at the heart of the arrangements, provide an accessible set of rules in plain English and digital format, and introduce new robust technical and performance assurance frameworks for industry players.

Latest News

Company News

Update on the progress of the Market Stabilisation Charge Change Proposal

RECCo and the Code Manager are holding a session to update the progress of the Market Stabilisation Charge (MSC) Change Proposal

Company News

The Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement Project Explained

We released this week our latest addition to our RECCo Programme Video Series, a video explainer on the Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement Project. In this session, you will hear from Jon Hawkins, Operations and Transformation Team at RECCo, telling you all about the programme and RECCo’s role in it.

Company News

New Vacancy: Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Consultant

RECCo is seeking consultant support for a 10 month project in assessing and delivering the required changes to the Retail Energy Code and REC Service Providers as a result of Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement.

Company News

Inside RECCo, Issue 11

Welcome to Issue 11 of ‘Inside RECCo’. The 2022/23 financial year has commenced alongside RECCo’s Strategy and Forward Work Plan for 2022-25.

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